Helen Keenahan


My Name is Helen Keenahan. I have over 30 years’ experience in the fitness industry. I have successfully owned and run my own fitness centre and Personal training business I am also a qualified sports massage therapist. I am currently working as a Teacher with ProFi Fitness.

I am accomplished in all areas of health and fitness such as Step, Rebounding, and Pilates. I was a national aerobics and bodybuilding champion. I love a challenge and am enthusiastic about learning new skills.

Why myover40 ?

 As an anatomy Teacher I recognise the human body is a gift. As we age It becomes more important to keep fit so as to feel better look good and more importantly function better day to day.


Qualification EQF Date
myover40 master trainer EQF 3 08.04.2019
myover40 instructor EQF 3 08.04.2019