tpmobility® IRELAND


Type of training Theoretical-practical training
Teaching time [clock hours] 8
Break time during the course [minutes] 45
Practice recorded in documents [hours] 7
Exam course Yes
Prerequisites This course requires a recognised, valid and current Fitness Instructor or Gym Instructor qualification which is accredited and mapped at EQF Level 3

Training description

PFS tpmobility® for Athletics - Functional warm up, Foam Rolling, Auto-massage & Flexibility is a course which gains more and more supporters and followers. Fitness clubs can now see how important stretching classes are as a lot of clients are looking for such classes. Active people who practice sports regularly actively are aware that this is an inseparable element of training. It is the time for muscles to stretch and loosen up.

Thanks to our Benefits of Foam Rolling & Flexibility course you will become an expert in stretching and you will have no doubts of how to use a foam roller.

The next stage of the training is a new course PFS 'myover40®’ which further develops PFS tpmobility® of Foam Rolling & Flexibility. Thanks to both of them, you can become an accredited trainer for older people and join the group of world-recognized myover40® instructors. You can find more information about myover40® by clicking on this link : myover40

By enrolling on both courses, you will get the second one at half price ( by inserting a discount code when registering).

Foam rollers were Physical Therapy tools for balance and other forms of rehabilitation before they became self-therapy tools. Look at any fitness equipment catalogue or training centre, foam rollers are placed near open spaces like any other tool. Used correctly, they can help with recovery after heavy lifting or stretching stubborn muscles. Learn the ins and outs of Foam Rolling and make it an addition to any stretching routine or class.

One must remember that there is more to fitness than just pure strength – flexibility and foam rolling matter too. Essentially, think of flexibility as an umbrella covering a range of factors that may affect the range of motion around a joint. If you have ever had tightness in the muscles when trying to accomplish simple tasks or soreness in the joints for no reason at all, it could be from a lack of flexibility and mobility! We will show you a w which you will be able to incorporate in your classes and ensure they are fun and always fully booked!

This course covers the essential principles necessary for all levels of flexibility, stretching, performance enhancement, and injury prevention. Increase athletic performance, prevent lower back injury and help clients move more efficiently in their everyday lives through myofascial release.


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myover40® & tpmobility® IRELAND

Myover40® is a course is aimed at Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors and Pilates, Yoga Instructors and Physiotherapists. 

The program was developed by experienced specialists in the fitness field and it is  the only training which incorporates elements of rolling, auto massage and applying pressure on trigger points. The program is designed to be delivered in 60-minute class which is divided into 4 parts which differ from the existing standards:

-  warm up : comprehensively warming up muscles, joints and tendons;

-  auto-massage : by of rolling and kneading locates and reduces pain in the body;

-  strengthening : improves the operation of the movement system;

-  stretching : relaxes and tones the body.

tpmobility ® has been designed to target a group of active sports professionals and athletes to help them enhance their performance through improved mobility and flexibility.tpmobility ® has been designed to target a group of active sports professionals and athletes to help them enhance their performance through improved mobility and flexibility.

A new class is introduced every 6 weeks.

The accredited Instructor receives a set of exercises designed  for a particular age group, along with the video and musicadapted to the nature of  exercises. Additionally, the accredited Instructor receives a set of marketing tools along with a package of promotional materials.


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